How to edit a HTML website template

With this Easy to follow Tutorial, i am going to explain how easy it is to make your own website and i will reveal a secret most web designers don't want you to know!

First, let us begin how do i edit a website? You would edit a website by editing the files which are simply text files, all you have to do is open for example: index.html using free software called Notepad++ once you download the text editor you will be able to edit your website by editing files in your website folder usually named: public_html or html_docs or

Now you know how to edit any HTML website/files you are probably wondering what the secret most web designers won't tell you? I will list a website at the end of the tutorial for you to browse through and make sure you save the site! What i mean by every web designers secret is they all use bootstrap templates and they buy themes then edit them or they buy WordPress themes and edit those accordingly. 

Before editing any HTML document you should first back up the file, save a copy of it somewhere on your computer or upload to your own cloud storage etc. When i edit a document myself i always copy all text within the file then paste the text to a new tab in Notepad++ as a backup in case i mess the HTML code up.

Many think coding is difficult which it is, coding now is basically editing someone else's hard work which we all really do appreciate it. When you think of editing PHP code using NotePad++ as programming: it does not sound that bad, all you are doing is simply editing text, adding text, adding commands, adding lines of code to enable analytics for example. Of course, HTML is not considered to be a programming language but it comes pretty close to it as far as new website editors are concerned. 

If you are still wondering what to do i would suggest a quick search on youtube for topic: (editing html website templates) would be best then coming back here and starting again.

What do you need to edit a website template?

  1. Text editor Notepad++ or Sublime for Linux users.
  2. Files such as the index.html page and contact.html about.html services.html
  3. You can edit website files using nano text editor for Ubuntu/Debian/Centos or from your WebHost providers file manager such as HostWebis cPanel file manager.
  4. An advantage would be knowing or learning how to search Google for answers to questions to resolve and research any issues you may face with websites in general.

Check out ThemeForest for the coolest modern website templates and scripts, be sure to search for HTML website templates, HTML5 website template, html5 theme.



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