How to Install DirectAdmin on CentOS?

DirectAdmin aka (DA) is a Commercial Hosting Control Panel and it is used for selling shared and reseller hosting accounts.

You are going to install DirectAdmin on CentOS 7/8.

What are the requirements?
- Fresh CentOS 7 or CentOS 8, installed on your VPS or Dedicated Server.

How to install DirectAdmin?

Step 1:
  The first step is to log in to your root account using SSH  (Putty) or any other way and enter these commands:

wget -O
chmod 755
./ auto

Once the installation starts, it may take from 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Step 2: 
After the installation is complete, it will display the login credentials on-screen with the login URL. You can access it by changing the URL in your browser to http://IP-Address:2222 (Replace IP-Address text with your server IP).

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