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Please check a bit of our history.

About us

We are a Hosting Provider present in the market with different brands since 1998, always engaged in the provision of Web Hosting services with different brands depending on the target market. We went directly to the international market, with a specific own brand to the UK. In 2003, we launched the Web Hosting services to the market of Portugal and Portuguese speaking countries through another own brand merged with WebIS. In 2006, we expanded our international presence by buying a Web Hosting website aimed at the Indian market. In 2007, we set up another own-brand addressed to the global international market, through which we have customers in about 20 countries as diverse as Angola, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Spain, United States, France, Ireland, Israel, Mozambique, United Kingdom, Romania, Ukraine, among others.

Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.


What we do

We are specialized in Web Hosting services to micro, small and medium enterprises, institutions and individuals. We have been doing it since 1998 and some of our customers still remain from the beginning, which for us is a guarantee of quality in service and a great satisfaction. We provide domain name registration services, Email Hosting, Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers. In technical terms we use latest technology, fast connections and support in all service issues inherent. All this at affordable prices.

Our commitment

We host a website owners community for which the answer to simple questions and solving small technical support issues in a personalized way has proved to be a distinctive advantage. Given the ongoing nature of Web Hosting services, we conduct daily monitoring and control. Thus, all our services come with support and quality assurance.